Amy Spassov…

spassov01 spassov02 spassov03 spassov04 spassov05 spassov06 spassov07 spassov08

Gah! I am obsessed with these paintings and their glorious chaos!

This is the work of Seattle-based artist Amy Spassov. Spassov uses collage, paint, and many layers in her work. She tells us that, “the development of each piece is as important as the finished work.”

Spassov co-owns the Hall Spassov Gallery and Studio in Bellingham, with artist Eric Hall. Check out her website for more paintings and news.

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Luisa Rivera…

rivera01 rivera02 rivera03 rivera04 rivera05 rivera06 rivera07

Wonderfully odd illustrations!

This is the work of London-based Chilean artist Luisa Rivera. Rivera’s pieces are surreal and beautiful, seemingly inspired by the natural world. She has worked with many well known clients, such as, The New York Times, Variety Magazine, Oxford American, and more.

Rivera has a brilliant short-comic project called Wildium, that is a must see! Also check out her Facebook page and her interview in NeverLazy magazine.

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Ariko Inaoka (again)…

ariko01 ariko02 ariko03 ariko04 ariko05 ariko06 ariko07

Love Love Love!

I wrote a post about Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka about a year ago when I first saw her work. I was instantly smitten by her and her Icelandic twin subjects, Erna and Hrefna. I checked in with her website more often than I would admit, in hopes of finding new photos from her recent trips. Well surprise! This morning when I looked there were new images – yay! I have posted some here from her website and a couple I found on her instagram. Do yourself a favour and check out her site for her other photos, especially her early work with the twins – simply beautiful.

Images found here and here.

Katy Smail…

smail01 smail02 smail03 smail04 smail05 smail06 smail07 smail08

Delightfully painted florals and splendid illustrations.

This is the work of Brooklyn-based artist Katy Smail. Smail was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, she graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art, began her career in London, and then followed her dreams to New York City.

Smail has many well known clients including Macy’s, Target, Saks Fifth Avenue, Land’s End, Converse, Seventeen Magazine, and Culture Magazine. She is represented by Kate Ryan Inc.

Check out Smail’s website and blog for more.

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Lisa Krannichfeld…

krannichfeld01 krannichfeld02 krannichfeld03 krannichfeld04 krannichfeld05 krannichfeld06 krannichfeld07

So so so lovely! These paintings just make me happy.

This is the work of Arkansas-based artist Lisa Krannichfeld. Krannichfeld uses Chinese ink and watercolour in a beautifully free and uncontrolled fashion. Her Southern American upbringing and Chinese roots have influenced her work immensely. Her website states… “Growing up surrounded by women born of the mindset to serve – not indulge, be humble – not bold, and to suppress – not express, Lisa gives the women in her paintings a voice and an outlet.”

Check out her website, where you can watch a video of her process, see more work, and buy originals or prints.

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Izziyana Suhaimi…

suhaimi01 suhaimi02 suhaimi03 suhaimi04 suhaimi05 suhaimi06 suhaimi07

Wow! Stunning pencil and embroidery illustrations – I just love the line drawing with the brightly coloured thread.

This is the work of Singapore illustrator and mixed media artist Izziyana Suhaimi. On her website Suhaimi says… “Embroidery for me is a quiet and still act, where each stitch represents a moment passed. The building of stitches then becomes a representation of time passing and the final work is like a physical manifestation of time – a time object. Each stitch is also a recording of the maker’s thoughts and emotions.” Lovely.

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Merve Özaslan…

ozaslan01 ozaslan02 ozaslan03 ozaslan04 ozaslan05 ozaslan06 ozaslan07 ozaslan08

I love these fun collages of vintage photos and organic environments. The series is called Natural Act and is by Istanbul-based artist Merve Özaslan.

Özaslan describes the collection on her tumblr page…“Natural act is composed by several collages based on the questions of the relation between nature and the humanity. It is basically a critical presentation referring to the fact that each of us is part of the nature. It seeks the answer whether greed, urbanization, mechanization and detaching from the nature is favorable or coherent for human or not. In that sense natural act appears with its all colors when our emotions are paralysed in the vital points of the cliche and dull city life.”

Images found here and here.

Deedee Cheriel…

cheriel01 cheriel02 cheriel03 cheriel04 cheriel05

Deedee Cheriel is a fabulous artist with a portfolio full of incredible paintings. As I was scrolling through her website, I saw these beautiful mixed media photos. I knew right away that I wanted to share them on today’s blog.

Similar to many of Cheriel’s paintings, these images feature human-animal hybrids and tribal-like patterns. Other influences in her work include East Indian temple imagery, punk rock, and her Pacific Northwest natural environment.

Another reoccurring figure in Cheriel’s work is the bear below. Roar…


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Anna Valdez…

valdez01 valdez02 valdez03 valdez04 valdez05 valdez06 valdez07 valdez08

Oh man! It has been a busy week, chaotic actually. Sort of like the beautiful chaos in these still life paintings.

How could you not be enamoured by this lovely mess of pattern and textile? I know I am.

This is the work of California artist Anna Valdez. Valdez has a background in anthropology and says that her work… “cultivates not only personal identity, but also cultural meaning.”

Valdez has a solo show this coming August at En Em Art Space in Sacramento. Check out her website for more.

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