Oriol Angrill Jordà…

jorda01 jorda02 jorda03 jorda04 jorda05 jorda06 jorda07 jorda08

Portraits, clouds, mountains, and geodes, I’m just smitten by these beautifully blended watercolours!

This is the work of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà, from one of his most recent series called Geosmina ‘the earth fragrance’. This series also includes some stunning printwork, and in Jordà’s past work he has used coloured pencil and graphite with amazing results. His new website is up and running and is a must see, check it out here.

Jordà is starting a gorgeous new series using acrylic paint, called Stellarscape, a preview from the artist’s instagram below…

jordaextra01 jordaextra02

Images found here.


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