Babeth Lafon…

lafon01 lafon02 lafon03 lafon04

Oh wow! Love!

This is the work of Berlin-based Parisian illustrator Babeth Lafon. Lafon creates beautiful, soft pictures on coloured paper, her client list includes Marie Claire, Glamour, Flair, Anthology Magazine, and L’Oréal.

The series above is called The Time It Takes, on her website she explains…
“When I was a child we were always late because of my mum, and it drove my dad crazy. He would tell us to go and sit in the car while he would start the engine, hoping the noise and the sense of urgency it created would get my mum to hurry. It didn’t.
Eventually, after a while though, she’d finally appear, smiling and radiant, her lips a subtle shade of rosewood, her dark hair still sparkling with tiny hairspray particles, and the plissé of her blouse perfectly arranged. As my dad would start driving, my mum would always turn to us and check our outfits and hair. I was fascinated by the smell of powder, and the joy that emanated from her. She looked stunning.
I understand only now what this ritual was about.
It was about the time it took her to be ready to enter the world.”

More illustrations by Lafon below.


Images found here.


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