Charming Baker…










British artist Charming Baker got his nickname (his real name is Alan) back when he was a teenager, because he was quite the sweet-talker.  His charm certainly shines through his work, which is probably why his art is so enticing.

He has the attention of top collectors, and has big name fans, such as Damien Hirst.  Hirst said, “It’s hard to say exactly what makes a painting great… Its flatness and its depth, its ease and its complexity, a kind of preciousness that’s also kind of throwaway, a risk factor.  Who gives a damn?  Charming Baker’s paintings are great.”

Baker’s painting technique may be quite traditional, but it’s the fact that he often cuts, drills holes, and even sometimes shoots his paintings with a shot-gun, that gives his work that risk factor.

Baker’s work is lovely yet unnerving, his website explains that his art “explores well-trodden and intrinsically linked themes; life, love, death, terror, joy, despair… with an underlying reference to the classics and a dark humour.”

Check out Charming Baker’s website for more, including his recent work in sculpture.

Image found here.


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