Ellen Heck…









I love all of these prints and then some, it was so hard to decide which to post.  However my very favorite is the layered image that happenstanced when the artist scanned two of her prints!

Artist Ellen Heck is an incredible printmaker.  She uses many different techniques including woodcut, drypoint, aquatint, and collagraph.  Heck often uses multiple processes in a single print.

Heck’s work focuses quite a bit on the subject of identity, especially her series Forty Fridas.  This collection features portraits of women and girls dressed as artist Frida Kahlo.  Although the figures are all in similar costume, this likeness only seems to highlight their individual differences more.  A fabulous series!

Heck is an artist-in-residence at Kala Art Institute, and is represented by Wally Workman Gallery, Groveland Gallery and Davidson Galleries.  See more of Heck’s printmaking and some very interesting work-in-progress images on her website.

Image found here.


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