Kristin Vestgard…

Wear it like a crown 90-120cm








Irresistibly charming, and cotton candy-colored sweet!

This work by Norwegian artist Kristin Vestgard, is explained beautifully on her website:
“Like the silence of snowflakes settling on fir trees or the ephemeral appearance of the aurora borealis her paintings whisper to us of magic and dreams and times spent in playful contemplation.  Her figures, for she is essentially a figurative painter, seem somehow to be part of a narrative that is never explained – it is of course for us to interpret as we will, just as she herself does during the painting process giving her protagonists full reign to create their own scenarios while she builds up the image with layers of gouache then oil, keeping some marks and allowing new spaces to appear into which her figures (always female) can step.”

Love it!

Images found here.


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