Ali Cavanaugh…








Yes these sock hands are a little odd, but that’s part of what makes them so wonderful!

These playful pieces are by artist Ali Cavanaugh, they are painted using watercolor and a process the artist calls modern fresco.  She uses a technique similar to classical fresco painting, but with modern materials.

“Ali Cavanaugh carefully layers watercolor pigment on a wet kaolin clay surface using tiny round synthetic brushes.  Her methods of layering translucent pigment on the white surface give the paintings a sense of being lit from behind.  The iridescence that she achieves with her stacking of color is unparalleled.”  (via Cavanaugh’s website)

Cavanaugh paints more than socks on hands, inspired by hearing loss at a young age, her work focuses on the unspoken words revealed through body language.  Read more in her artist statement, and see many more fabulous works on her website.




Images found here.


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