Jaclyn Conley…








Who knew I would love paintings of hair so much?  Well I do!

These incredible tresses are painted by Canadian artist Jaclyn Conley.  This series is called A Very White Light, and is quite different from Conley’s previous work.

She explains her new direction:
“These paintings are the result of broad paring down in my studio and practice.  I’ve challenged myself to present only what it essential in terms of material, image, rendering and scale.  Paintings are worked and reworked with a great deal of erasure and reductive building.  As I’m painting I’m distilling an image down to a very small moment.  This way of working is in some ways more responsive, slow and less predetermined than I’ve done in the past.”  (via Art Hound)

There are still some of these fantastic paintings available for purchase on Buy Some Damn Art.  She also has new series of work called All the President’s Children, which you can view on her website.

Images found here.


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