Jazmin Berakha…









I know, I know, more embroidery, but I just can’t help myself!  I think I may have to pick up a needle and thread of my own to curb this obsession.

These wonderful embroideries are by Buenos Aires artist Jazmin Berakha.  They all have beautiful patterns and designs, but the one with the birds is my absolute favorite.

She has a fun little story about how she chose her medium:
“It was something really unexpected for me.  People often learn to sew, knit or embroider with their mothers or grandmothers.  I had never done it until three years ago.  I dreamt one night about huge embroidered flowers, and the next morning I received an email from a friend about embroidery lessons, I swear…  So I started the classes.  The encounter with the material was so overwhelming that I knew it was a perfect medium for me.  I discovered a relationship between the artwork and the process itself, which changed all the ideas I had before on how to make art.  Embroidery requires me to be engaged with the material and the process in a way that I could never find elsewhere, and it really works out for me.”  (via Little Paper Planes)

Check out Berakha’s website and blog, she also has prints for sale on Little Paper Planes.

Images found here.


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