Lisa Golightly…








Why can’t summer last forever?

I was looking out my window at the dreary, grey fog, and decided I had to post about something warm and happy.  First thing that popped into my mind was Portland artist Lisa Golightly.  Her beautiful paintings of blissful beach memories was exactly what I needed to see!

Here is what Golightly’s website says about her paintings:
“Her work revolves around memory and how snapshots shape, influence, change and even create memory.  She works in acrylic using found photos to create work that is both anonymous in nature but also very personal.”

Golightly adds updates and new work to her blog.  She is currently exhibiting new paintings in an show called Endless Summer, with the Good Eye Gallery, info here.  You can buy both prints and originals on her etsy site, Kiki & Polly.

Images found here.


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