Jennie Ekström…











Oh Boy!  I am in love with these eccentric illustrations!

Detailed and darling, these imaginative drawings are by Swedish artist Jennie Ekström.  This is what she had to say about her art:

“I’ve tried so many different things in life, it took me ages to find out that drawing is what I’m truly supposed to do.  I’ve always been sort of a drifter, and my focus and attention span being ridiculous at best.  So I find it quite ironic, that I would choose a profession were attention and focus is such a key trade (especially with my drawing technique that forces me to completely lock in on what I’m doing).  I love the feeling of entering another world, where you set the boundaries and build your own universe, using only pen and paper.  Yet there’s still so much to explore and lose yourself into and that makes me excited!”  (via Facebook)

Images found here.


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