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These irresistible patterns and illustrations drawn on found photos are by Brooklyn artist Alana Dee Haynes.  I think we all have drawn a mustache or two on a glossy fashion mag, but Haynes shows us how it’s really done!

In an interview Haynes says:
“Everyone has a certain way they see the world.  Some things jump out at people, while others pass them by.  I see faces and patterns everywhere.  When I look at people, I connect their beauty marks, and find faces in their knuckle lines.  It’s just the way I live.  So, naturally, I see these things in photographs too.  It is not synesthesia, but it is a similar way of viewing multiple layers in things.  I think other people must feel this way as well, and that is why it feels right and relatable to see images this way.”  (via Juxtapose)

And while you try to get Blondie out of your head, you can visit Miss Haynes’ website.  It’s just no good you teasing like you do…

Images found here.


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