Laura McKellar…










When I first laid my eyes on these, I felt like I had discovered gold!  Then I found out that I’m probably the last blogger on earth to post them – how had I not seen these until now!?

C’est la vie!  I’m still sharing this incredible work from Melbourne based artist Laura McKellar.  Because, well…embroidered crowns and masks, full of  flora and fauna,  placed on vintage hosts – I am in complete awe!

Her embroidered art is described on her site:
“Laura enjoys the experience of working hands-on and digitally.  These pieces start on the computer by creating collages from collected images, then digitally printed onto textiles and finished with embroidery.  These intricately detailed pieces align with Laura’s values of creating beautiful hand crafted work that emanate the same emotional connection and sentiment she felt as a child receiving hand made gifts for birthdays and Christmas.”

McKellar works in all sorts of mediums, you can find more of her creations on her website.

Images found here and here.


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