Michael Carson…










Ooh so fancy!  All I want to do now is get dressed up, grab my heels, and go to a party!

Artist Michael Carson is from Minneapolis, and is represented by Bonner David, Arcadia Contemporary, and Jones & Terwilliger Galleries.

Carson states:
“My work is first and foremost figurative studies.  It’s what I like to paint, my biggest challenge and my greatest payoff.  My nondescript surroundings help me create a mood or a story that I am trying to relay through my painting.”

“I like the fact that the face can be such a subtle subject and one brush stroke can be the difference in the feel of the entire piece.  That gives me the ability to work in one subject matter and still find that I learn something new in every painting.”

Love!  Love!  Love these paintings!

Images found here and here.


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