Chad Wys…






Chad Wys makes art about ART!  Covering many genres and mediums, he uses art as a discussion between conceptualism and aestheticism.  Deconstruction, experimentation and color study play a big role in the artist’s work, so that we may view historical art in a new way.

I adore the artist’s digital manipulations, exampled above, but I find the most joy in his Readymades







You can’t talk about readymades without at least mentioning Dadaist Marcel Duchamp.  It is said Duchamp described readymades as “an ordinary object elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.”  Although many of Duchamp’s readymades were everyday objects, rather that art works, he did revamp the Mona Lisa!

So much more of Chad Wys’ work can be found on his website, including a detailed and well-written artist statement, and on his blog.

Images found here and here.


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