Mi-Kyung Choi…



Happy February!

This is the work of Korean illustrator Mi-Kyung Choi, also known as, Ensee. I came across one of her illustrations while perusing Pinterest yesterday and I was awestruck. Lovely and delicate, her work reminds me of one of my favourite artists, Hsiao-Ron Cheng. Visit her website for more.

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Henrietta Harris…


This is the work of New Zealand artist and illustrator Henrietta Harris. Many of Harris’ surreal portraits masterfully obscure or mask part of the faces in her work. Her soft colours and flowing lines give her work a very dream-like quality. Simply beautiful!

Harris exhibits all over New Zealand, Australia, London and New York. Her work is on t-shirts, record covers and in publications, her clients include Vanity Fair, Karen Walker, Bite Magazine, Flying Nun Records, and more. Check out her website.

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Agata Wierzbicka…



Oh I think these illustrations spoke to me today. Calm colours and warm beach scenes – just what I need now that we are back after a busy holiday season! When’s summer??

This is the work of Warsaw-based artist and freelance designer Agata Wierzbicka. Her lovely illustrations are inspired by people watching and everyday scenes. She mostly draws digitally, but will sometimes use acrylic, oil, and pencil. Love her use of negative space!

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Maria Herreros…



Oooo! I just came across this artist and I am smitten!

This is the work of Barcelona based illustrator Maria Herreros, from her series titled Botanical Rage . On her website, the artist explains, “Nature is cruel. Apparently, women have an expiration date for some duties they have not signed for. Just some little details: Faultless enduring beauty and perpetuation of the human race. And simultaneously, please and thank you. Are we angry? You haven´t heard anything yet.

Herreros has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2009. Her artwork had be shown in galleries all over, including Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Santiago, and Quebec. Some of her clients include Coca Cola, Smart, and Reebok. Visit her website for much more.

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Mia Mala McDonald and Catherine Tipping…



Why doesn’t she crack a smile? is a collaboration between photographer Mia Mala McDonald and needlework artist Catherine Tipping. Each portrait in the series is about a personal experience, but as a whole the work aims “to evoke questions around the underlying tensions and reactions to the politics of the feminism.”

Love it! Powerful stuff!

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D. Iris Sigmundsdottir…

sigmundsdottir01 sigmundsdottir02 sigmundsdottir03 sigmundsdottir04 sigmundsdottir05 sigmundsdottir06 sigmundsdottir07

Ohhh! So lovely!

This is the work of Icelandic artist and graphic designer D. Iris Sigmundsdottir, another great artist I found browsing Saatchi Art. Her mixed media collages are made of paper, pencil, gouache, acrylic and sometimes fabric.

On her website Sigmundsdottir states… ” I am fascinated with the woman, her mind and body. The concept for most of my works is the endless battle that often happens between the two.. It´s about body image, self respect and loathing. How everything looks good on the outside, when there is chaos on the inside. In my quest to produce my works, I try to understand and open my eyes to the fact that we are all unique, but most of us have in common, the fact that we are all dealing with the same dilemmas.”

Have a look at her website and Saatchi page for more.

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Nettie Wakefield…

wakefield01 wakefield02 wakefield03 wakefield04 wakefield05 wakefield06 wakefield07

If you haven’t noticed by the majority of my posts, I am a sucker for portrait art! So today I thought I would shake things up a bit… reversed portrait art!

These pencil drawings are by British artist Nettie Wakefield. Wakefield’s work is incredibly detailed, using traditional techniques with a unique perspective. A live demonstration of her Reversed Portrait Pencil Series was included in Dismaland, an art exhibition theme park created by street artist Banksy .

Visit the artist’s website for more information.

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Andrea Castro (again)…

castro01 castro02 castro03 castro04 castro05 castro06

Here’s another update of a fantastic artist I wrote about earlier this year (read it here). These paintings are the work of Spanish artist Andrea Castro.

Castro recently did an interview with Creep magazine, where they asked how she developed her signature style. She said…
“As I was learning how to draw and paint I ended up being very meticulous, so with every new artwork I added more detail. At some point I realized I had the ability to copy practically any image I saw, but I wasn’t expressing anything. So I crossed the line from “learning to draw and paint” to “learning how to express yourself from it” and for that I thought about adding shapes and colors to help me tell what I wanted to and to free my hand from all the details.”

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Alexandra Levasseur (again)…

levasseur01 levasseur02 levasseur03 levasseur04 levasseur05 levasseur06 levasseur07 levasseur08

Oh my! Breathtaking paintings by Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur!

I wrote about Levasseur at the beginning of this year (read it here) and I love her work, but I love her new paintings even more! A few of her most recent works were just exhibited at the COA Gallery in Montreal for their group show Mute, and the paintings are for sale through the gallery. You can also purchase limited edition prints through the artist’s page on Etsy. Visit Levasseur’s website and facebook page for much more.

Images found here.